Clean Water

World’s Most Precious Resource

It is scientifically proven that our health and life quite literally depend on the quality of our drinking water.

Before Filtration

ArtAqua® ZERO REJECT Industrial Water Purification System

The ArtAqua Zero Reject (ZR) (no discharge) water purification system combines two of our patented and patent pending technologies onto one operating platform. Municipal or well source water enters our Variable Velocity Filtration (VVF) technology utilizing Skov, our all-natural nano filtration media (stage one prefiltration). Next, the prefiltered water enters our Industrial Filtration technology also containing Skov (stage two). The capacity of Skov to remove elements from a water molecule is up to 10x greater than any other method employed by traditional RO membranes to achieve purity levels.

All ArtAqua water purification systems deliver pH water in a range from near Neutral (7.5-7.8) to 5.0, naturally ionized to 1013 Hertz and always less than 10 ppm TDS with no backwash cycles and zero reject.  Standard stock systems start at 5000 liters / 1320 gallons per day to a maximum capacity of 100,000 liters / 26,417 gallons in 24 hours. Custom systems are available to meet any customer requirements.  These systems deliver an excellent performance size cost to purified water ratio.

After Filtration

ArtAqua + Aero~Nano Horticulture Solution
(Increase Crop Yields from 28%-35%)

Farmers and Horticulturists globally understand the benefits of clean, stable and aerated irrigation water. We deliver the world ’s finest solution by combining the ArtAqua water purification technology for clean and stable water with the nano bubble system by Elevation Environmental Technologies for dynamically enhanced aerated irrigation water by increasing the dissolved oxygen (to over 25 ppm using ambient air and to over 50 ppm if using concentrated oxygen.) All horticulture species are somewhat different but a grower can expect up to an additional 28% – 35% increase in crop yield with this solution

Simply (1) purify and stabilize the incoming water with the ArtAqua water filtration system. ArtAqua always delivers near Neutral (7.5-7.8) pH, natural ionization to 1013 Hertz and always less than 10 ppm TDS. (2) Flow the water through Elevation Environmental Technologies’ Aero~Nano advanced aeration system to create the finest nanobubble delivery system. The Aero~Nano programmable control panel will allow the user to customize the flow rate and desired Dissolved Oxygen concentration as needed for different growth periods. (3) Add nutrients to your make-up tank and irrigate!

Art Aqua Crisis Response Unit

Art Aqua has now established the world’s first Artesian Well Crisis Response Unit on industrial level
allowing highest possible mobility and deployment within 24 hours in virtually any part of the world
enabling to provide healthy, safe, anti-bacterial water for people in need. Capacity of one ARTAQUA
C-1000 is 10 cubic meters of water per 24 hours. The C-1000 is operating by solar energy and
therefore can be installed in war zones or regions hit by natural disaster where the usual
infrastructure is derelict. It weighs only 1 ton and can be moved around by the size of four Europallets
(480cm x 320cm). Helicopters can easily airlift and deploy the C-1000. By only one unit the daily
supply of potable water for approximately 5000 people is guaranteed.

World first Artesian Well mobile Crisis Response Unit


Water is Life,
Clean Water is Health


Water Purification


Wastewater Filtration


Optimal water purification and water energizing with ArtAqua – Technology

ArtAqua offers you a water preparation and health system based on advanced reverse osmosis utilizing a unique filtering medium. By means of this patented process, it is possible to remove up to 99.9999% of the substances in water such as pathogenic germs, bacteria, heavy metals, medicine residues, radioactive particles, etc. Pollutants are successfully eliminated through the unique combination of different components. Also, the purified water reaches the energy level of an artesian spring. That way, the highly pure and energetic water affects your body regulating processes.

Protect your life quality and health with ArtAqua

We usually take for granted that water flows out of our water tap. Do you know that only 0,4% of the water amount on earth actually comes from drinkable, fresh water? On the way to us, water absorbs willingly all substances, that it comes in touch with and which are found on earth. Naturally it will also absorb pollution produced by industry and agriculture.

We consume water on a daily basis. We drink it, use it for preparing our meals and share with the ones we love. With the molecular filter system from ArtAqua you will always have the very best drinking water, so pure, so fresh as spring water: vital, crystal clear and delicious!

Every application tailored to your specific requirements

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Art Aqua is a proud member of the UN Global Compact and vows to adhere to the principles to commit it’s work to ecological,
humanitarian and social projects.