ArtAqua Rapid Water Clarification System
AquaMag 100

The AquaMag patented Industrial product line by ArtAqua is anchored by our Level One (model AM100) rapid water clarification (Pre-Cleaning) system that creates an ideal source water feed into the finest ArtAqua water purification and remediation systems. Wherever sustained large particulates flow with source water, it is highly recommended to install the correct size AquaMag system in front of the specified ArtAqua purification module unit to deliver an excellent performance size cost ratio to pre-clean source water.

Technical Data

The dimensions of 20 feet x 7 feet x 9 feet combined with a production rate of up to 100,000 liters of high particulate water / 24 hours put the AquaMag 100 into a Pre-Clearing system class with a size and performance ratio that is incomparable. AquaMag units weigh under 10 tons and fit inside a 40’ container.


1. Industrial Wastewater ‐ Acid Mining, Factories
2. Municipal Wastewater – Sewage, Landfill Drainage
3. Drinking Water – Clarification process
4. Recycle Process Water – Factories, Mines
5. Cooling water – Power Stations, Paper mills
6. Food processing plants
7. Marinas – Cleaning boats
8. Animal habitat – Dairies, Pig Farms, Chicken Coops
9. Dredge water – Dams, Rivers, Seas
10.Storm water – Heavy Metals, Sediments, Oil
11.Algae Removal

Operating Principle: Magnetic Seeding Technology

1. Polluted water with high turbidity flows into a reaction tank containing Magnetite
2. Normal water treatment polymers are used to flocculate the polluted water with
the Magnetite
3. The flocs are then removed from the water by means of permanent rare earth
4. Magnetite and water are separated from the pollutant particles
5. The Magnetite is reusable and returned to the reactor
6. Treated water is decanted
7. The technology is particularly suitable for the removal of turbidity


Modular design makes for easy maintenance and servicing. No filters to change out, therefore no fouling. Each module operates independently and therefore operates autonomously within the system itself. Easy access via the front also makes the maintenance simple and quick. The signaling of necessary maintenance is performed optically. For safety at work, an earth-protective circuit-breaker is installed. Although each module operates autonomously, the entire system is operated by a central control system.


1. Rapid Clarification
2. High Performance: Fast, High Volume Throughput
3. No Filters to Replace, No Fouling
4. Small Footprint and Quick Deployment, no large expensive land area required
5. Flexible; Integrate into Existing Water Treatment Processes
6. High Water Quality Output, Low Waste (1-10%)
7. Patented Technology:
8. Less Energy Intensive: Low Energy Usage
9. Quick and Easy to Install
10.Easy to Operate and Maintain