Model 66-10 and 66-11

We usually take for granted that water flows out of our water tap. Do you know that only 4% of the water amount on earth actually comes from drinkable, fresh water? On the way to us, water absorbs willingly all substances, that it comes in touch with and which are found on earth. Naturally it will also absorb pollution produced by industry and agriculture. With the molecular filter system from ArtAqua you will always have the very best drinking water, so pure, so fresh as spring water: vital, crystal clear and delicious!

Optimal water purification and
water energizing with our technology

ArtAqua consumer division offers you a water preparation and health system based on the reverse osmosis. By means of this procedure it is possible to remove up to 99% of the substances in water such as pathogenic germs, bacteria, heavy metals, medicine residues, radioactive particles, etc. Pollutants are successfully eliminated through the unique combination of different components. Also, the purified water reaches the energy level of an artesian spring. That way, the highly pure and energetic water affects your body regulating processes.

ArtAqua Model 88-00

Developed specifically for Hospitality Sector / Commercial Kitchens / Schools / Office Buildings

Technical Information ArtAqua Model 88-0


Height, width, depth 30″ – 32″, 12″, 21″
Weight (without water) around 132 lbs
Power supply 230 V ~ 50 Hz
Power 1.1 kW
Standby < 30 W
Water connection 3/4“
Outlet connection Outlet pipe
Water output per 24 hours 6000 l / 1585 Gallons
Water output per minute 4.1 l

All Impurities contained within the filtration membrane, no waste discharge

Clean water to outlet water ratio 1 : 0.9 to 1 : 1

System pressure 1.5 bar
Water temperature 4.4 °C – 40.5 °C
pH rate 6.5 to 9.5
Iron content < 0.2 mg/l
Salt content < 2000 ppm
1 Jungbrunnen 88-00
1 3/4“ connection tube
1 pressure buffer tank – around 25 l capacity
1 stainless steel battery
Connection tube to receiver – 10 m
1 connector pipe for connection of accessories
1 20“ primary sedimentation filter, 5 μm nominal
2 SKOV- 800 GPD membranes
1 Aqualith CE (optional)
1 HE module (optional)
The condition necessary for guarantee to remain valid is
regular replacement of filter elements. Failure to regularly
replace filter elements results in expiration of guarantee .


ArtAqua 88-00 is a numerically controlled device. The numeric control system controls pump operation, pressure in tubes and water level in the buffer tank. The system may be individually configured on request.


Front panel is equipped with an ON/OFF safety switch and two high pressure manometers indicating water pressure for two membranes (in bar). The inside has perfect acoustic insulation fitted in it making ArtAqua 88-00 system almost noiseless.


The entire pump is made of stainless steel. The pressure is increased to a maximum value of 60 bar by means of the plunger movement making unnecessary use of high power electric motors. The pump is maintenance-free. The pump is cooled by water that flows through it.


All internal braided tubes used in ArtAqua 88-00 are special products suitable for use in contact with food. They are equipped with stainless steel connectors and capable of withstanding a pressure up to 150 bar owing to the thick braiding.