Wastewater Filtration

The ArtAqua Industrial Wastewater Treatment product line is anchored by our 100RT (Registered Ton) or Model WW100 Level Four wastewater to potable water system. With dimensions of 12’ x 8’ x 25’ (3.66m x 2.44m x 7.62m) (W / D / H) and a maximum capacity of 100,000 liters / 26,417 gallons in 24 hours, this unit delivers an excellent performance size and cost of wastewater treated to potable water standards.  Our patented treatment system will deliver no less than 97% pure/potable water with 3% or less contaminated residues.

The Industrial Wastewater product line offers the following registered ton (RT) wastewater water flow rate sizes: WW10, WW30, WW50, WW100, WW150 and WW300. Wherever wastewater to 97% pure/potable water is required in large quantities, the ArtAqua Wastewater WW Series installations are the right solutions.

When the customer requires purified water beyond potable water standards and set to ArtAqua purification standards of Neutral (7.5-7.8) pH, natural ionization to 1013 Hertz and always less than 20 ppm TDS, simply install the properly sized ArtAqua Model 111 series water purification unit at the end of this wastewater process system.

Energy Efficiency with

ArtAqua Wastewater

The ArtAqua WW100 as well as the rest of the WW wastewater product line has been engineered to perform at an “industry low” energy consumption rate of $1.75 kWh/m³ of water flow rate.


1. No Chemicals: No Chlorine or other chemicals required

2. No By-product emitted back into the environment

3. 60% more energy and cost efficient

4. ArtAqua wastewater process 100% ecologically sound

5. ArtAqua delivers “Pure Life” or naturally ionized water quality because we do not utilize Reverse Osmosis (RO)

6. Warranty of 30 years

Superior size / Performance ratio

The ArtAqua Wastewater treatment system delivers from the source water at least 97% pure/potable water with Neutral (7.5) pH and always less than 100 ppm TDS / 50 BQC per liter. With dimensions of 12’ x 8’ x 25’ combined with a production rate of up to 100,000 liters of filtered potable water every 24 hours put the ArtAqua WW100 into a wastewater system class with a size and performance ratio that is incomparable.