Today’s Leading Desalination Technology

To achieve our industry leading results, the ArtAqua Desalination technology is patented and patent-pending to be innovative and progressive and these are protected under WIPO rules as PCT patents. The ArtAqua WinWater (DS) systems are the only ones that manage a 98% brine minimization process through thermal evaporation, followed by thermal crystallization. Each DS module includes Control technology that is fully automatic with a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and a pressure and system performance monitor system that are installed as standard equipment.

ArtAqua generates “No brine by-product.”

Our desalination of sea or brine water process is less energy intensive and our patented technologies and systems make our systems 60% more efficient; making the ArtAqua desalination technology eco-friendly with virtually no brine by-product released back into the environment.

Energy Efficiency with

ArtAqua Desalination

The ArtAqua DS100 as well as the rest of the DS desalination product line has been engineered to perform at an “industry low” energy consumption rate of $1.75 kWh/m³ of water flow rate.


1. No Chemicals: No Chlorine or other chemicals required

2. No Brine By-product: emitted back into the environment, sea or water body

3. 60% more energy and cost efficient

4. ArtAqua desalination process 100% ecologically sound

5. ArtAqua “Pure Life” water quality because we do not utilize Reverse Osmosis (RO)

6. Warranty of 30 years