AERO~NANO is an advance nanobubble generation system

  • The Aero~Nano system generates the largest volume of nanobubbles per volume of water 1,000,000,000,000/milliliter.

  • The system will also generate the most uniformly distributed size of Nanobubble. 98 % of the bubbles generated fall within 10nM to 97nM with the remaining 2% of bubbles between 97nM and 200nM.

A large amount of small bubbles in a given volume of water (large relative surface area) will result in a large amount of gas transfer, in a very active manner and in a short amount of time.

Why Nano Bubbles?

  • Aero~Nano from Elevation Environmental Technologies makes bubbles that are consistently below 100nM. Nanobubbles, by definition are <200nM. At 100nM or less in size, our nano bubble generation system accounts for super-concentrations of Dissolved Oxygen.

  • Aero~Nano aeration delivers higher levels of oxygen to the root surface = greater crop yields because we create a more efficient nutrient delivery environment at the root surface creating larger and healthier plant mass.

  • Aero~Nano drives nutrient buffering and uptake. Nano bubbles create an oxygen enriched rhizosphere, leading to faster vascular development within the plant which allows an increase in key nutrients consumption (i.e.: calcium and potassium.)

  • Aero~Nano increases growth and lessens plant stress by allowing easier nutrient absorption up through the entire plant leading to a stronger photosynthesis process and amino acid/protein synthesis which accelerates growth.

  • Aero~Nano accelerated growth activity delivers shorter growing periods, allowing for more crops per year.

  • Aero~Nano creates healthier roots, which leads to disease suppression.

  • Aero~Nano will improve water quality and reduce/control irrigation line blockage.

Important Advantages to Growers

  • Highest Oxygen Transfer Efficiency

  • Highly Saturated DO Irrigation Water

  • Non-Chemical

  • Increases Nutrient Absorption

  • Helps Beneficial Bacteria

  • Harms Pathogens

  • Algae Prevention

  • Neutrally Buoyant NanoBubble

  • Stabilized DO throughout the irrigation loop

  • H2S removal

  • Emulsified Oil Removal

  • >60% energy reduction vs. blowers and high horsepower surface aerators