ArtAqua® ZERO REJECT Industrial Water Purification System

The ArtAqua Zero Reject (ZR) (no discharge) water purification system combines two of our patented and patent pending technologies onto one operating platform. Municipal or well source water enters our Variable Velocity Filtration (VVF) technology (stage one prefiltration). Next, the prefiltered water enters our Advanced RO with Skov Industrial Filtration technology (stage two). All ArtAqua water purification systems deliver pH water in a range from near Neutral (7.5-7.8) to 5.0, natural ionization to 1013 Hertz and always less than 10 ppm TDS with no backwash cycles and zero reject.

Unlike all Reverse Osmosis companies, ArtAqua systems does not require each system to be custom built based on water chemistry and specific location requirements. Our technologies will receive almost any source municipal or well water and process it. We simplify commercial water purification and in turn ensure successful water management solutions for maximum productivity and efficiency.

Today’s Leading Technology is Made in Germany

To achieve our industry leading Zero Reject (no discharge) results, our combined technologies integrate our unique natural adsorption/absorption water purification processing material incapsulated in either a cartridge or membrane for easy replacement. Our proven ZR systems work in concert to economically deliver a consistent solution. For more detail on each technology, refer to the single product information sheet. Control technology, including a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and a pressure and system performance monitor, are installed as standard equipment on each system. Each system has a TDS tester, which constantly monitors the temperature and conductivity in µS or ppm. The ArtAqua Zero Reject system impresses with a water ratio of 1:1. The ArtAqua ZR System is a modular water treatment system with multiple high-performance module assemblies. Each standard stock finish module has an axial piston pump with a maximum working pressure of 60 bar at various liters per minute and multiple high-performance membranes, each with a production rate range from 5000 liters per 24 hours up to 100,000 liters per 24 hours.  Our engineering department will customize systems requiring greater daily water through puts.

Benefits and Advantages:

  1. No Chemicals: No Chlorine or other chemicals required AFTER PROCESSING to keep water fresh and safe for 180 days and longer.

  2. Patented Technology: Patented natural organic nano membrane “SKOV” material is designed to treat heavy arsenic as well as nitrates in water at a very competitive cost with ZERO REJECT. All but 100% removal of all contaminants from purified water.

  3. Less Energy Intensive:  Our “SKOV” mineral makes our process 50% more efficient.

  4. Healthy Naturally Ionized: ArtAqua is the only purifier using an anti-bacterial mineral in a molecular membrane that does not let any virus, bacteria, radioactive substance, microbe or micro-plastic pass through because only water molecules are let through.

  5. Variable Filtration Velocities

  6. VVF System capacity ranges from 3000 liters/hour to 4,000,000 liters/hour

  7. Increased adsorption/absorption capacity to retain suspended solids

  8. 100% Media Bed Agitation (>2 minutes) – without air scour

  9. Robust Construction utilizing 316 Stainless Steel

  10. Reduction of BOD. COD. Iron, etc.

  11. R.P. filter options available

  12. 316 Stainless Steel filter options available – Fully Recyclable & Environmentally Friendly

  13. Removes 99.2% of Cryptosporidium – Proven by Independent Testing

  14. Reduced Physical Plant Footprint

  15. Low Maintenance – Easy Medium Exchange

  16. Varying filtration media and range available for different applications